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Another Dota 2 related portrait illustration, this one came together through my love for the heros mechanics. In the game I'm not really good at Brewmaster, I just love the idea that the hero encompasses the three classical elements - Earth, Wind and Fire. 

While this analysis isn't strictly Dota or design related, I believe I can relate to brewmaster in many ways. Slightly foreign, excellent sense of humour and is drunk whenever the opportunity arises. Making a small connection with any illustration I do is mainly the reason I keep doing them/started doing them in the first place. 


While it's important for me to study where my images originate from - I hate the starting point of most of my illustrations, Brewmaster is no exception. Drawing isn't my forte, it tends to show through a lot of these progression images that I have up.


I should have a few steps in between a basic sketch and an almost finished portrait; but I'm choosing not to show them with this illo. The process was messy and annoying, and on top of that, a lot of this was auto-saved one night that my computer had crashed and had merged a shit tonne of layers together. So yeah. Fuck you Macbook. 

The background is made up of the three spirits/classic elements of the world. Earth, Wind and Fire. I had so many different ideas for patterns/backgrounds but in the end I wanted to honour the reason I started the illustration in the first place - this video game characters in game mechanics. While my micromanagement skills are horrible in Dota 2, I still love playing this big fluffy alcoholic and apart from a few setbacks, I loved illustrating him. I also love beer. It's Friday 5PM so I'm gonna make like Brewmaster and... have an appropriate amount of drinks... get tanked amirite