My name is Dave, or Prove. You have to guess which one I am in the picture. 

I am a graphic designer by day and an alien slayer by night. I began my studies at UBAA and after 2 years (and a lengthy debate with the headmaster about relevancy of 2/3 of the coursework/subjects), I left the University. I made the decision after being offered a job in the field doing basic web design/web maintenance.

Many years later and I am here; finally living my dreams of freelancing under my own brand and doing what I love. Over the years I have diversified my portfolio as much as I can although I am always looking to widen it even more if there is a challenge on the horizon. Anyway, enough about me. You came here because you needed some work done didn’t you? What are you after?

Web Design

Get a design that hasn’t been picked from a template gallery by hundreds beforehand. The virgin of web designs.

Logo Design

Branding is essential – both for new and existing companies. I promise I won’t make it resemble a penis.

Marketing Design

Flyers, posters, watermarks, anything else you will need in your marketing crusade. I can also sell you swords for that crusade but we’ll talk about that later.

Social Media Design

DOES YOUR EVENT'S FACEBOOK COVER PHOTO SUCK? How about your twitter avatar? No worries – shoot me a message and I’ll make sure it’s got at least one picture of a puppy or kitten in it.

Illustration Commission

Most of my illustrations are in my portfolio – feel free to contact me to ask about specific works. (I don’t do porn or hate images. No joke here, 9/11 customers ask for pictures of dicks and it fills me with a rage that could melt steel beams)


If you have something else in mind – shoot me a message anyway. I will gladly take a look at your ideas and respond promptly as to whether or not I can help you out!